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Erebus, the son of chaos, is the personification of darkness and darkness itself. Its domain is demarcated by its dark and lifeless robes, lurking over the regions of space known as "Vacuum", lingering above its chosen soul.

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Erebus is a collection of Dark Soul Creatures that have been newly awakened. Erebus derives from Greek mythology. They are gods of darkness, twisted children of the night. Chaos will rise across the lands as Erebus creeps out of the darkness, lingering over the world of the living.

The dark souled creatures search for crucial numbers, numbers that will unlock the deepest and darkest strands of its soul, the key to its evolution. Find these keys and you will be rewarded 1% royalty from V1 sales, which will commence once 100% of the creatures find a soul.

These numbers can be found throughout the collectionโ€ฆ Can you find them first?? The dark souled creatures are yearning to grow strong and evolve into even more macabre abilities, they strive to reach a higher form, to evolve.

Moreover, 100 Dark Royal Blood creatures will be scattered throughout the Erebus collection. The Dark Royals are decedents of the Talos (DF : Talos). This is the strongest blood in the land, when a regular creature mixes with royal blood, strange and unnatural hybrids emerge. Again, this will happen once the collection is fully sold out, at which point the process of fusing creatures together can begin.
Keep in mind, one set of twins is hidden somewhere in the collection. Will you be able to locate them before anyone else? Once the twins are found and collected by a single owner, they will receive a special 1/1 which will make the V1 collection end in a collection of 3001.
There are creatures hidden throughout the collection that have special characters inscribed onto them. These markings make such characters invaluable to the collectors who retrieve the special Erebus first. There will be special perks for those who own these special creatures, this will be announced in the discord once all special creatures have been claimed by their collectors.

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In the dark

In the dark

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What is Erebus ?

Erebus is a collection of 3000+ manually rendered Dark Souled Creatures in search of victims, seeking to devour living souls. We are community-driven and have put a lot of time and effort into creating something that stands out from other projects - a project with utility. And we are finally ready to bring our Dark Souled Creatures to life.

When/ Where was the Drop?

The drop was made available to the public on November 1, 2021, using the Opensea platform.

What is the Blu3 Portal Server Pass?

The Blu3 Server Pass grants access to the discord portal ๐ŸŒ€ where a monthly giveaway worth 0.05-0.1 ETH will be held alongside other perks that will be posted on discord. You may purchase one at the following link: Blu3 Portal Server Passes will slowly be burned.

What is a Gala Pass?

The Gala Pass also grants access to the Blu3 Portal ๐ŸŒ€ on discord. Owning a Gala pass will grant access to any presale launch alongside a monthly giveaway of 0.15-0.25 ETH. If a Gala pass is burned ๐Ÿ”ฅ, one Zephyr-level creature will be given in exchange. There will only be 20 Burns total.

What is the Verse Pass ?

Verse Pass : The ultimate VIP pass, supply is limited to 100. A few passes will be burnt biweekly. This elite pass grants you access to hidden perks, ETH prizes, and much more, all of which will be released exclusively on the Blu3 Portal Server, within the Exclusive Verse Channel. Last but definitely not least, once V1 is fully sold out, 0.05 royalty from Erebus V1 Collection will go to each Verse pass holder. Addresses will be set on OpenSea so it can compound automatically to the wallets of Verse Pass owners.

How many rarity levels are there?

There are 5 Dark Souled Creatures Rarities

Zephyr - 41.67% Zephyr Creatures (Basic)
Nexus- 28.33% Nexus Creatures (Common)
Hex- 20% Hex Creatures (Rare)
Talos- 9.3% Talos Creatures (Ultra)
Alastor- 0.67% Alastor creatures. (Dark God)

How and when will fusing begin?

Once 100% of all 3000 dark souled creatures have been minted fusing will be able to begin (Phase 9). In order to fuse, you will need a Dark Royal Blood Creature. There are 100 DRBC and out of the 100, only one male exists. Fusing can begin with any DRBC and a Non-Royal Blood Creature. Royal blood and Royal blood will only be able to fuse together if you own the Dark Royal Blood male ๐Ÿ‘‘

What is the Erebus Vault?

The Erebus Vault will only be cracked at 75% sold. In the vault lies 100 different level rarity creatures, waiting to be freed.